Careers in Energy, a division of Energy Safety Canada

About Careers in Energy

Shaping the future of Canada’s energy workforce

At Careers in Energy, we match information about the industry and labour market with the needs and interests of job seekers, employers, and industry stakeholders to ensure Canada has the skilled workforce required for a thriving energy sector today and tomorrow.

We help those searching for or supporting energy industry jobs through these activities:

  • Conducting research and sharing data and insights on the energy labour market with industry, job seekers, planners, and communities.
  • Developing and delivering programs, tools and resources for job seekers to help them learn about energy sector careers, transferable skills, and opportunities with impact.
  • Working to identify and reduce skill gaps, ensuring the knowledge of those leaving and/or aging out of industry is transferred and maintained to the next generation.

For Job Seekers:

We are your energy career guide to help find and navigate the right path for you. 

For Employers and Industry:

We provide essential labour market insights to help foster a strong and skilled talent pool. 

For Students:

We inspire young minds through FREE customizable workshops, tools and resources to explore exciting possibilities in the energy industry. 

For Career Practitioners:

We provide access to guiding tools to assist job seekers in the energy industry. 

For the Community:

We share knowledge and connect opportunities in the energy industry with job seekers, their neighbours and the communities in which we work, play and live.

Current Projects  

Careers in Energy takes on a variety of projects to develop Canada’s energy workforce.  

Building a Workforce for Canada’s Energy Future

A roadmap for identifying and developing the skills and talent required to continue supporting a strong energy sector for decades to come. 

Working with partners and consultants, we address gaps in:

  • Labour market forecasting
  • Workforce planning
  • Career information
  • Training and upskilling programs 

Bridging the Gap

Connecting job seekers to actively hiring employers in Alberta’s energy services sector! 

This program offers:

  • Insights for service sector employers about the skills, qualifications and where to access targeted talent pools
  • Information for job seekers about the energy services sector
  • Hiring events across Alberta from May 2023 to March 2024 


This website is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program as well as the Province of Alberta working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.