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Database Administrator

Job Overview

At a glance, a database administrator is focused on three things throughout their day: protecting the data, protecting the data and protecting the data. With the growing reliance on computers and database systems, businesses need these professionals to keep their electronic data safe, secure and well-managed.

Databases are used throughout the energy industry to store, track and organize information for thousands of employees daily. Database administration refers to the whole set of activities performed to ensure that a database, and the information it contains, is always available as needed by the business.

Database administrators (DBA) use specialized software to store and organize electronic data. They handle the day-to-day operation of database management systems such as SAP, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle SQL. Additionally, they are often responsible for developing and introducing related policies and standards for employee use of these databases.

DBAs may work in teams within large companies or be the sole expert in a smaller company. They understand database languages, the most common of which is Structured Query Language (SQL), which is used in programming and managing data held in relational database management systems.

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