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  • Environmental Technician
  • NOC #22300

Environmental Technician

Job Overview

The river is your office. The forest is your cubicle. The sky is your workstation. You bring the world around you to engineers and scientists in the office. You monitor and test natural habitats to understand, measure and remediate any industry impacts. Do you love being outdoors? Do you want to improve emissions and the environment? Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? If so, you may want to consider a career as an environmental technician.

Environmental technicians undertake field or laboratory activities to investigate, monitor and remediate sites where the presence of hydrocarbons (e.g., diesel, gasoline, crude oil), salts or metals may have impacted soil, air and/or water quality. They may also undertake similar activities in non-hydrocarbon related sites. They are actively involved at the planning stages of projects by providing environmental information regarding existing soil, air and water quality conditions. This occupation also contributes to surveys and monitoring programs of the environment to identify potential impacts. This role tends to be heavily focused on prevention and abatement.

Environmental technicians carry out field work and operate equipment and devices used in monitoring, prevention control and remediation of environmental conditions. They develop plans to restore conditions under the direction of engineering staff or consultants. Staying current with technology is important as this field is highly technology-based with advancements occurring frequently.

A thorough working knowledge of acts and regulations may be required to ensure employee safety and environmental protection regulatory compliance.

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