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Marine Engineer

Job Overview

Offshore oil and gas platforms are some of the most challenging work sites in the industry. Any exploration or production activities that take place in water require specialized marine vessels and installations. From stern to bow, every element in the offshore oil and gas industry has a marine engineer behind it somewhere. As experts in tools, equipment and processes, they make sure things are designed to work well and keep on working.

Oil and gas exploration and production occurs not only on land but also in marine environments. These near-shore and deep-water activities pose particular challenges.

Marine engineers plan, develop and design all elements of propulsion, safety, power, maneuvering, tethering, ballast control systems on marine vessels and ballast, umbilical connections, and positioning systems and foundations for offshore marine installations including drilling and production platforms.

Marine engineers prepare plans, estimates, design and construction schedules, and contract specifications, including any special provisions and act as project coordinators and leaders during the concept, design, construction and testing phases of marine vessel and installation projects.

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