• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Pipeline Inspector
  • NOC #22231

Pipeline Inspector

Job Overview

Before they’re built and long after they’ve started moving energy across the country, Canada’s pipelines need the careful eyes of pipeline inspectors. Informed by standards and regulations from both government and industry, they keep watch on pipelines’ plans and processes.

The construction and inspection of Canadian pipelines require a multitude of specific skills and intimate knowledge of Canadian pipeline regulations and the pipeline systems.

Pipeline inspectors inspect the construction and maintenance of new and existing pipelines to ensure that government and industry standards and regulations are observed, and they also monitor work site safety. They are responsible for adherence to company and client requirements, stipulations, policies and procedures and costs. Often they will work with a construction crew and other engineers, examining pipeline systems for faults such as leaks and corrosion, and make recommendations to improve systems.

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