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Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Operator

Job Overview

There aren’t a lot of jobs where showing up means not being there. But for remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operators, who remotely pilot submersible crafts that can operate in underwater areas that are too hazardous for humans, showing up means staying away.

A remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, is a submersible craft that performs underwater tasks varying from inspections, welding, manipulating valves, and mapping to ultrasound and survey operations in the oil and gas industry. Traditionally, ROVs have been tethered underwater robots that allow the operator to remain in a safe environment while the ROV works in the hazardous environment below. Increasingly, these ROVs are becoming autonomous units without tethers. Most ROVs are equipped with video cameras and lights, but may also include sonar, magnetometers and a manipulator or cutting arm.

ROV operators repair and maintain their ROVs in addition to piloting them in their underwater tasks. IT knowledge and programming are increasingly becoming more common requirements. These operators work from vessels or offshore platforms, typically for several weeks at a time with corresponding weeks off. Duties may include some heavy lifting and climbing in outdoor conditions.

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