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  • NOC #1525

Field Dispatcher

Job Overview

You’re the logistics mastermind. You look at the big picture and make sure all the parts fit together – the who, the what, the where and the when. It’s all about efficiency. That means ensuring all the materials, equipment, resources and personnel required on a job site arrive at the right place and time and at minimal cost or delay. You are a great planner and have the flexibility to adapt plans with changing situations.

Field dispatchers process and transmit information and instructions to coordinate the activities of vehicle operators, crews and equipment using a variety of computer-aided communications and dispatching equipment. They ensure all the necessary resources and personnel are ready to go at the right place and time, whether it be an oil or natural gas well site or equipment storage yard. While they begin with a plan, Field dispatchers can adjust quickly to accommodate any unexpected changes and still meet contractual obligations. Field dispatchers require a deep understanding of the operation being conducted, as well as a solid knowledge of equipment and personnel requirements, regulatory specifications and company procedures, to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively, regardless of changing circumstances in the field. They also maintain close relationships with third-party vendors, rental/leasing companies, sub-contractors and their own operating divisions to do their jobs effectively.

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