Canada’s Energy Industry

An Evolving Industry

Canada’s energy industry is changing at a pace unlike anything it has seen before. New government regulations; adoption of automation and data analytics technologies; and the advancement of manufacturing processes are all contributing to impactful change.

The Shifting Landscape and What was Then, What is Now

Then Now
  • Commodity scarcity driving higher prices
  • Commodity abundance and lower prices
  • U.S. as Canada’s primary customer
  • U.S. as Canada’s market competitor
  • Government policies and regulations are a key driver behind de-carbonization
  • Investors are driving environmental improvements in addition to government policies and regulations
  • Companies consider using technology to improve productivity
  • Technology used to complete day-to-day work

All sources of energy will be needed for many years to come to supply the power the world needs. As developing countries improve infrastructure, their standard of living, and match their energy use to ours – demand in the global power grid will grow, creating opportunity for emerging energy sources and jobs. Canada is poised to be the world’s leading energy supplier. 

Energize Your Future

Big things are happening. Canada’s energy sector is busy expanding by doing traditional oil and gas activities differently; clean technologies, cleaner fuels and renewable energy are on the rise, and, new job opportunities are emerging. It’s a great time to be part of the energy industry. You just need to decide what role you want to play.

Oil and Natural Gas and You

Oil and natural gas companies are using more technology to become increasingly efficient, productive and sustainable. They need a skilled workforce to move the industry forward. Whether it is to advance drilling for oil using new methods, or increasing the export of natural gas to other countries to replace the use of coal, your career and your future can grow with it.

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Renewables on the Rise

From hydroelectricity and solar to wind power or geothermal, interest in renewable energy is on the rise. In 2018, more than two-thirds of Canada’s electricity was generated through renewable energy and as the focus on wind, solar energy and geothermal also continue to increase, it will power up career opportunities.

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Advancing Digitization and Automation in Energy

Technology is playing an important role in the future of the energy sector. To improve sustainability, operate safely and more efficiently and improve production, companies are leveraging new methods, new technologies, using data and implementing big ideas and giving employees better tools and more technology-forward roles.

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Cleantech and Innovation in Energy

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is the largest investor in clean technology and innovation – companies are continuously improving to meet higher standards for oil and natural gas production, particularly as they relate to reducing emissions and decreasing land and water use. Canada’s cleantech sector is being driven by an innovative spirit and big ideas. Now is the time to share yours.

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Emerging Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Canada’s emerging LNG sector is creating new opportunities for Canada and for its workforce. A recent Conference Board of Canada study shows that if they all go ahead, export terminals on the coast of British Columbia could create about 96,000 cross-sector jobs and more than $6 billion in wages over 40 years.

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