Appel à tous les travailleurs expérimentés au pétrole et au gaz!

    You’ve probably noticed – we’re expanding our Careers in Oil and Gas online tool which has become a leading career planning tool for the Canadian energy sector. With positive momentum in the oil and gas sector, interest in the varied direct and applied qualifications for a wide variety of roles will continue to grow amongst job seekers and recruiters. As part of this initiative, we urgently require oil and gas professionals to contribute their expertise to validate the technical and professional requirements of a number of occupations.

    Links to the pressing surveys that we need Subject Matter Experts are below:
    Industrial Electrician
    Industrial Engineering Technologist
    Industrial Technician
    Power Engineering Technologist and Stationary/Steam Engineer

    Additional occupations are also being validated – you can see the full list here.

    Thank you for your contribution!

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