Pour les débutants de carrière: Ressources pour les jeunes

    In the next decade, the oil and gas industry is going to see a lot of baby boomers retiring. According to our last outlook report, Oil Sands Construction, Maintenance and Operations Labour Demand Outlook to 2023, about a quarter of oil sands workers were eligible for retirement in 2014. And that was just for the oil sands. This number could be even higher for the whole industry!

    What does this mean? The industry will need the energy of young people to fill jobs and address the future skills and labour shortage! And that means it’s important Canada’s youth consider working in the oil and gas industry.

    Why work in oil and gas?

    Safety comes first! In every operation, workers follow strict safety procedures to protect themselves and the public.

    Industry and the environment do mix! Protecting the air, land and water is not only regulated for companies, it makes good business sense – so we do it. Innovation and technology drive our activities. New ideas and technologies help us protect people and the environment – and work more efficiently.

    Workers have options and opportunities. Whether you want to work outdoors or inside, wear safety boots or a suit, stay home or travel, we have a career to fit you!

    Need more info? Need some resources? These programs should have you covered:

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