Pas seulement le monde d’un homme: Ressources pour les femmes dans l’énergie

    Women make up almost half of Canada’s total labour force. In the natural resources sector, however, women are commonly under-represented.

    Progress is slowly being made in the oil and gas industry – from 2006 to 2011, the participation of women within the oil and gas workforce increased by almost 1% (Diversity in Canada’s Oil and Gas Workforce).

    Many oil and gas companies are actively engaged in diversity programs to attract and recruit more women to the industry. And it’s important they do. When the demand for new talent ramps up, Canada’s under-represented groups, like women, could be the answer to filling the industry’s skills and labour gaps.

    So, why work in oil and gas?

    Flexibility is growing. A range of positions, schedules and benefit plans can help balance work and family responsibilities.

    You can have a long and rewarding career. Oil and gas will be a big part of our lifestyles for decades to come.

    Skills and attitude matter. As more women join our workforce, equality and recognition are becoming the status quo.

    In the oilpatch, learning never ends. The oil and gas industry strongly supports learning programs that help employees become more confident, safe, innovative and productive.

    Need more info? Need some resources? These programs should have you covered:

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