Alberta’s rotational workers – young and single?

Earlier this week, we launched our latest HR Trends and Insights report, Rotating, Not Relocating: Alberta’s Oil and Gas Rotational Workforce. This report describes the nature and experience of a little known, but important, component of Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be demystifying what has become an established industry practice where little information exists. And with that…let’s explore our first fact on Alberta’s oil and gas rotational workforce!

Fact #1: Rotational workers are not all young single men.

In the last decade, the demographics of Alberta’s rotational workers have shifted. Between 2004 and 2009, an increasing number of workers were older and married or in common-law relationships. The number of married women participating in the rotational workforce also increased in this time.

According to the 2012 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo census, more than half of
rotational oil sands workers were married or in a common-law relationship and 14% (the
largest percentage of respondents) were between 50–54 years of age.

Industry consultations also revealed an increase in the number of married couples working in rotational arrangements.

Want to know more? Download the report!

Next week, we explore camp accommodations and the amenities some have to offer!

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