Asset Integrity Officer Spotlight

Failure is not and option for Asset Integrity Officers. They watch over an oil and gas companies long list of assets, such as pipelines, pressure equipment, storage tanks, and infrastructure to make sure everything is working as they should, are properly maintained, and are safe for use.  

What a typical day looks like:

Whether an oil and gas company is putting in a new asset or optimizing existing operations, Asset Integrity Officers make sure that every asset is reliable and safe to use. They analyze data and create integrity management plans to make sure that process equipment and pipelines don’t spill or lose pressure during operations.  
Asset Integrity Officers are risk averse. They look at each asset, study technical plans, pore over maintenance schedules and assess ongoing use trends to identify any potential issues. They inspect projects to make sure they meet health, safety and environmental policies, engineering and construction standards and applicable legislation. They evaluate data and monitor things like temperature, use, and pressure in the asset to make sure there are no known issues. Using this information, the Asset Integrity Officer leads a team of specialists to spot hazards before they become problems, and develop action plans to prevent failures and incidents. 
When they aren’t in the field directly inspecting assets, these professionals are in the office creating integrity, maintenance and repair plans. They are also responsible for developing their annual budget and long-range asset integrity management plans. They work closely with area foreman and other integrity team members, and clearly communicate the integrity requirements for each asset as well as any potential issues. Asset Integrity Officers are also a key part of any emergency response support and investigation. 
By inspecting, evaluating, monitoring and mitigating potentially dangerous and costly repairs associated with pipelines, Asset Integrity Officers help their company avoid unplanned downtime  while protecting people, the environment and the integrity of assets. 

The kinds of problems Asset Integrity Officer solve at work:

Asset Integrity Officers work hard to avoid any potential problems before they happen. They create asset integrity plans that may include inline inspection and repair, chemical inhibition, cathodic protection, depth of cover and geohazard management programs. When they find potential issues or concerns, they work hard to find solutions that will fix the issue before it becomes a dangerous or costly problem. Prevention is the name of their game. 

Skills used most on the job:

Asset Integrity Officers are strategic, long-term planners who can see both the big picture and the fine details. They understand health, safety, and environmental policies and standards and understand how to make sure things are reliable and safe. These professionals are also required to work with a variety of different people, so they need strong interpersonal skills. 
Oil and gas companies strive to operate in the safest way possible, and Asset Integrity Officers help them identify risks before they become a problem.  

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