Building relationships: Resources for Aboriginal people

Many oil and gas operations are found on land that has both cultural and traditional importance to Aboriginal communities. Oil and gas companies take special care to collaborate with these communities to maintain mutual relationships and develop business partnerships.

The oil and gas industry also has a number of initiatives and programs in place to provide education and training opportunities for the Aboriginal workforce. And it shows: the participation of Aboriginal people in Canada’s oil and gas workforce is almost double their participation in Canada’s total labour force (Diversity in Canada’s Oil and Gas Workforce).

Why work in oil and gas?

You have options and opportunities. Whether you want to work outdoors or inside, wear safety boots or dress pants, sit down or stretch your legs, the industry has a career to fit you!

Skills and attitude matter. As the workforce diversifies, equality and integration are becoming the status quo.

In the oilpatch, learning never ends. The industry strongly support learning programs that help employees become more confident, safe, innovative and productive.

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