Calling all oil + gas professionals!

Remember that career planning tool we told you about late last year? The  tool that will allow users to assess their skills, explore different career paths and identify gaps in the training and education they need within the oil and gas industry? We’re still planning to launch the first phase of the Careers in Oil + Gas online tool this spring, and you can check out a quick demo below!

We’re also busy getting ready for phase two. And, to make sure we build the best career tool for the oil and gas industry, we need the help of the best people in the oil and gas industry. The building blocks of our career planning tool are industry-validated profiles of over 100 occupations.

That’s where you come in! We need oil and gas professionals to validate 35 new oil and gas occupations. They range from Valve Technician to Ironworker to Stakeholder Relations Advisor to Engineering Manager!

Validating is easy and can be done in the comfort of your home or office! Think you can help? If you or someone you know can validate one of the occupations included in the tool, please contact us at [email protected]. Make sure to list the occupation(s) you’ve had the most experience in within the oil and gas industry!

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