Camp: the rotational worker’s home away from home

Last week, we launched our latest HR Trends and Insights report, Rotating, Not Relocating: Alberta’s Oil and Gas Rotational Workforce. As promised in our last blog post, we’ll be demystifying what has become an established industry practice where little information exists. So…here’s Fact #2 about Alberta’s oil and gas rotational workforce!

Fact #2: Camp companies with international operations have described closed camps and lodges in the oil sands as “world class.”

Until 2008, Jack and Jill dorms (where two rooms share a toilet and shower) were the norm for camp accommodations. Since then, however, camp facilities and room configurations have improved significantly with the growth of oil sands projects and the resulting competitive employment environment.

Many camps and lodges have spacious private rooms, nutritious meals and extensive recreational facilities, including hockey rinks, exercise facilities, theatre-style media rooms and pub-style lounges. And on top of that, to accommodate an increasingly diverse rotational workforce, women-only gyms and change facilities are reported to be a continuing trend.

Companies believe more spacious accommodations and recreational options contribute to an individual’s comfort and mental health, as well as provide an environment that supports quality work.

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Later this week, we examine the rotational worker’s “best” rotation and the benefits and challenges of this type of lifestyle.

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