Coiled Tubing Operator Spotlight

Coil tubing is a common tool in the oil and gas industry. It can be used for a number of things, like pumping fluids into a well, removing obstructions from out of the well and measuring well conditions. Coil Tubing Operators drive and operate the vehicle that contains this tool.

What a typical day looks like:

Coil Tubing Operators drive and operate vehicles that are equipped with coiled tubing, essentially a long pipe spooled on a large reel. As a member of the oilfield services team, they drive this equipment to and from the well location, assist with rigging in and perform regular maintenance checks on equipment.

Coiled tubing is used to perform tasks within a well, such as pumping fluids to stimulate the flow of oil or natural gas, removing obstructions and deploying materials and tools that can be used for measuring well conditions. Coil Tubing Operators combine brainpower with physical stamina to make sure everything is working as it should. If a piece of equipment is lodged, they use coil tubing to fish the object out. If the drill pipe gets stuck, they attach the coil tubing to the drill pipe to dislodge it. If logging measurements are required, they install tools at the end of the coil so they can read what’s going on underground.

Coiled Tubing Operators watch the depth and weight indicators on their equipment to ensure nothing is getting stuck and everything is where it needs to be. They monitor well control parameters and complete all required paperwork accurately and on time.

The kinds of problems Coiled Tubing Operators solve at work:

Coiled Tubing Operators are on site to safely solve problems within a well. If a piece of equipment gets stuck or the drill pipe is lodged in place, Coiled Tubing Operators are called upon to safely use the equipment to save the day. After selecting the proper equipment and completing the task, other people on site can safely complete their jobs as well.

Skills used most on the job:

Coiled Tubing Operators troubleshoot problems and have the physical stamina to perform tasks quickly. Coil tubing can get pretty high tech, so they are also strong with mathematics, mechanics and critical thinking.

Coil tubing is used in oil and gas wells to do everything from stimulating the flow of oil or natural gas to removing obstacles in a drilling operation. Coiled Tubing Operators are at the right place at the right time to make sure that every task is safely and accurately completed.

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