Communications Coordinator Spotlight

Communications Coordinators are the messengers and storytellers of the oil and gas industry. They help their organizations share consistent information to employees, media, governments, regulators, investors, community members and stakeholders of all kinds.

What a typical day looks like:

Communications Coordinators gather information, craft messages about company projects and share true stories. Behind every story is research and strategy, so they begin by gathering all of the facts from subject matter experts and business messages based on their organization’s values, brand, history and core activities. Then, they identify the audiences with whom the story should be shared and determine how best to deliver the story to them.

Communications Coordinators’ work is mostly backstage – in the office. From behind a computer, or participating at meetings, they support communications team members by gathering information and producing a variety of communications products and services including promotional, online and printed materials, newsletters and news releases. Communications coordinators also monitor media coverage about the company, participate in web design and/or social media programs, and review and edit documents to adhere to brand requirements.

As the messenger, Communications Coordinators interact with a lot of internal and external stakeholders. This role is typically part of a larger communications or public relations team. They complete a lot of multitasking, project deadlines and rapidly changing priorities as new developments arise. They often work a standard 40-hour week, with occasional overtime depending on deadlines.

The kinds of problems Communications Coordinators solve at work:

Communications Coordinators need to find a way to easily share both simple and complex information. They need to ensure that the true story is understood and aligns with the company brand guidelines, vision and mission. They may also play a role in emergency and crisis situations. Communications Coordinators work hard to correct misinformation and find plain-language ways to explain technical, financial and business-related information to a broad audience.

Skills used most on the job:

Communications Coordinators are strong researchers and writers at their core. They also are creative, intuitive and possess solid interpersonal communication skills that help them deliver informative and captivating stories.

Communications Coordinators help their organizations tell stories to employees, media, governments, regulators, investors, community members and stakeholders of all kinds. They share information about company progress in environmental matters, the company’s perspective about an ongoing issue and the company’s finances and long-term plans.

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