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We are seeking the expertise and services of:

  • A writer and copy editor to write, draft and/or copy-edit materials on career and labour market information during select periods between January 2019 and August 2020.
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  • A translation consultant to translate deliverables on oil and gas careers and labour market information to Canadian French during select periods between January 2019 and November 2020.
    • Q: The RFQ mentions that final versions of deliverables might be provided using Microsoft 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud. Because the next activity described in the RFQ is to “Guide the graphic production of the translated deliverables”, is the translator expected to submit translations to PetroLMI, then ensure proper integration of the content by PetroLMI’s graphic designer, or should the translator also integrate said translations into a specific format/design using desktop publishing tools such as Adobe InDesign and deliver a final product?
      A: At minimum, the translator would be asked to review the final, designed product to ensure proper integration of the content. If the translator can integrate the translations into Adobe products directly that would work too.
    • Q: Would it be considered an asset to have a graphic designer in the translator’s team?
      A: Separate French design has never been required. However, the ability to input the French content into Adobe products directly would be an asset.
    • Q: One of the tasks is to “Translate video scripts.” Would there be opportunities for related services such as creating video subtitles or offering voice services for said videos?
      A: Yes.
    • Q: What approximate size (word count) and translation time windows do you foresee for the various components of the project (occupational profiles, reports, etc.)? Would deadlines be based on an expected daily translation output (e.g. 2,000 words/day)?
      A: Outlook reports can be up to 20,000 words and the time for translation has been around 3-4 weeks. Occupational profiles are much shorter, typically around 300 words, and the time for translation has been a day or two. Each piece of translation will be quoted on directly for time and cost.
    • Q: Do you have an estimated overall word count for English source material?
      A: Not at this point. There will be individual agreements and/or contracts for specific work, at which point in time the English source material will be provided.
    • Q: The RFQ asks for hourly rate, but stipulates that payment might be based on a fixed fee or a per word rate. When would the hourly rate apply vs fixed fee/per word rate?
      A: Hourly rates may apply in the case of providing voice over for French videos or incorporating the French content into Adobe products. A per word rate is preferred for translating text content. A fixed fee contract may be used when combining the two for a project.
    • Q: Will translators have access to an existing terminology? Are they expected to create and submit a glossary of preferred terms (i.e. based on NOC or SCIAN)?
      A: We will provide English style guide and sample translated content where possible. We don’t have a plan for a French glossary at this point, however, we do have a number of report glossaries with key industry terms that have been translated.
    • Q: If several consultants from different firms are contracted by PetroLMI, will there be opportunities for inter-firms collaboration (e.g. translator from firm A proofreading work from Firm B)?
      A: We haven’t done this before but are open to doing so.
    • Q: About the “risks” and mitigation strategies that need to be identified by the translator in the response submitted to PetroLMI, are we talking about risks such as security breaches, confidentiality issues or mistranslation of source documents?
      A: Yes.
    • Q: There is a disclosed amount for this RFP which is $95,000 plus GST. Does this reflect the current spend or is it the projected spend for this forthcoming mandate? Must prospective suppliers work on this amount or can we propose our own price range.
      A: We have received funding to produce several deliverables in both English and French and have a budget associated with that. Each individual project will be quoted and agreed upon.
    • Q: Under “Consultant Selection Process” you state that “Participation in the presentations/interviews will be the sole financial responsibility of the Consultant(s)…”. Will these presentations/interviews take place face-to-face in your head offices, or can they be done remotely via Skype for business or other video conferencing solution?
      A: Video conferencing options are available.
    • Q: Will there be more than one meeting with each short-listed Consultant before the final selection(s)?
      A: We are planning on one presentation with each short-listed consultant.
    • Q: Under “RFQ Requirements” you request that submissions not exceed 10 pages. Do you consider the cover (one page), letter of introduction (one page) and table of contents (one page) as part of the 10 page total? We would like to submit these 3 items + 10 pages of evaluation content.
      A: Cover page and table of contents do not need to count towards the total. A letter of introduction can be included as a separate attachment if you feel it’s needed. It will not count toward the criteria, however.
    • Q: Is there a sample contract available to better understand the Terms & Conditions as well as the official Statement of Work?
      A: The Statement of Work is developed by, or with, the chosen consultant. The Terms & Conditions are available here.

Each RFQ is designed to provide detailed information for you to respond specifically to the responsibilities for the project, including scope, objectives, project activities and key responsibilities. Proposals will be accepted from single business entities, or from a consortium of firms. However, if the successful bidder is a consortium of firms or consultants, the lead firm must be identified in the proposal, and PetroLMI will enter into a contract with the lead firm/consultant only.

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