Day in the Life: Jesse – Site Coordinator, Comec Energy Services

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After more than two decades working for Canadian oil and gas companies, Jesse has gained a wealth of “hard” skills such as operating heavy equipment. But it’s the “soft” skills he’s amassed that he appreciates most.

“The biggest thing for my development in this position has been the soft skills that I’ve learned to incorporate into my daily interactions,” Jesse says. In 2017, he joined Comec Energy Services as an equipment operator. Owned by the Cold Lake First Nations and managed by Genmec ACL, the company’s largest division specializes in moving drilling fluids. Today, Jesse is the company’s site coordinator for well servicing operations in Cold Lake, Alberta.

“I manage a lot of people with different backgrounds and personalities. And, to get the most out of people, you have to tailor your messaging to each specific person. I’ve had to learn to be versatile in my handling of relationships on the job.”

A native of Lloydminster, Alberta, Jesse nurtures his relationships with the 50 or so people who rotate in and out of the Comec site with coaching, mentoring and a no-nonsense approach.

“You have to because we need to have a team atmosphere and we all have to take safely seriously,” he says. “We’re like a family and you foster that by being the person you want them to be. I’m their go-to guy and they know they can come to me with problems.”

For Jesse, 42, talking to people is also what he considers the best part of his job.

“I am a connoisseur of conversation and love listening to people’s perspectives and experiences,” he says. “I’m dealing with people face to face all day.”

A typical day

While Jesse relishes time spent with people, he also works through a roster of daily duties.

“Every morning, I review the previous day’s work tickets, timecards and safety paperwork from all the employees. Then I’ll typically touch base with the operations manager, dispatchers, other coordinators and plan out my day accordingly. I usually go to site for several hours and conduct site inspections and assist the supervisors with anything that may arise. At 4 p.m. every day, I attend a debriefing meeting with our management team and discuss personnel issues, scheduling and upcoming work.”

Decisions and discipline

Throughout every working day, Jesse regularly calls upon another of his soft skills: decisiveness.

“This isn’t an industry that allows you to be wishy-washy. There are decisions that need to be made daily and cannot be delayed,” he says.

Decision-making fits hand-in-glove with another soft skill he had to quickly develop when he signed on with his current company.

“My path since starting with Comec has been somewhat of a baptism by fire. We were growing so fast that I had to adapt as we grew. So, I guess you could say adaptability is a skill that I had to develop.”

Usually the highest-ranking employee at his site on any given day, Jesse also relies on a soft skill that requires true fortitude.

“Maintaining my discipline,” he says, with frankness. “I don’t have anyone directly looking over my shoulder, so I have to hold myself accountable to manage my time properly.”

He adds: “You have to have a strong character to succeed in this industry. You have to have the discipline to get up at 4 in the morning sometimes.”

Being disciplined is made easier for Jesse because he’s never been afraid to step up for the opportunities he’s been offered.

“You could get by here with being a driver and just working for a paycheque, but people notice personalities and commitment,” Jesse says. “At Comec, we started small and with almost nothing and look where we are today. We’ve been able to grow, and the sky is the limit.”

Twenty-two years ago, when Jesse took his first job in oil and gas, he didn’t plan to stay in the industry. To his surprise, it’s been a “stepping-up stone,” rewarding him in many ways, both personally and professionally. Along with the skills he’s gained, Jesse has found something he never expected from the oil and gas industry…

“In one word—security.”

Jesse is proud that he and his family have a good home and are well established. Because of his career in the energy industry, they’ve been able to save, travel and plan for the future.


Comec Energy Services


Cold Lake, Alberta


High school diploma

Salary, education and advancement may vary from company to company.

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