Environmental Manager Spotlight

Environmental Managers want to be part of the solution. They work inside oil and gas companies to make sure that their company is not only following environmental regulations, but is also consistently doing better each day. They work across the company to develop sustainable practices, standards and goals that will help make the company a more environmentally friendly place.

What a typical day looks like:

Environmental Managers take their responsibility towards protecting the environment seriously. They know the provincial and federal regulatory requirements and international standards that each project must meet. They work tirelessly to make sure that the work of the company meets, and exceeds, those expectations. Beyond just meeting these expectations, they look for ways to do better.

Environmental Managers collect information about life cycle impacts, cradle to cradle technologies and sustainability best practices. They also meet with businesses, governments and special interest groups to understand and address concerns. They go through all this data and anticipate the future impacts of proposed legislation and future use.

Based on their analysis, they develop sustainability goals, standards and practices for the organization to achieve a triple bottom line: accountable to people, planet and profit. They build reports and meet with managers and executives to clearly convey the company’s sustainability goals, progress and future goals.

They are also accountable for honest reporting of results. They also oversee the development of Corporate Social Responsibility reports or Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) compliant sustainability reports.

The kinds of problems Environmental Advisors solve at work:

Environment Managers are problem solvers with a mind for sustainability. They identify issues in a company’s environmental footprint and find solutions for things like waste management, emissions reduction or spill prevention. They combine their knowledge of the environment with regulation, guidelines and engineering reports to find ways to reduce health, safety and environmental risks and impacts.

Skills used most on the job:

Environmental Managers need to be able to work collaboratively and communicate complex concepts. They have strong research and interpersonal skills. They also are organized planners who can solve complex problems.

Environmental Managers believe we can do better and they work hard to make their company more efficient and more sustainable.

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