Federal government approves the Pacific Northwest LNG project

With the Government of Canada conditionally approving the Pacific Northwest liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, you might be asking yourself, “what does this mean for our industry?”

Should the project reach a final investment decision (FID), a good deal of labour will be required – for everything from plant and pipeline construction to operations and maintenance.

During peak construction, up to 4,500 jobs will be required to build the LNG facility. The construction of a pipeline to transport natural gas to the facility could create another 4,000 similar construction jobs during peak periods.

Once the project is constructed, we estimate 200 to 350 direct operations jobs will be required. 300 indirect jobs will also be needed, ranging from waste management to truck transportation to security.

Want to find out  more about what the LNG sector means to Canada? Read our Exploring LNG in Canada report! 

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