Insulator Spotlight

Insulators get themselves into small spaces to gain access to areas requiring insulation. When they’re not folding themselves, they’re crawling or climbing onto ladders or scaffolds to get the job done.

What a typical day looks like:

Insulators climb, bend and crawl to get insulation into the smallest and most difficult spaces. They apply insulation on all the plumbing, heating and cooling systems, piping equipment and pressure vessels to reduce the transfer of heat, cold, sound and the chance of fire.

They measure different-sized pieces and envision how flat pieces of insulation will work in a 3D-environment. Then, they measure and cut insulation using handsaws, knives or scissors to properly fit into the space. When they’re not insulating new construction projects, they focus on repairs and maintenance.

Insulators pay special attention to health and safety procedures to protect themselves from exposure to airborne particles and skin irritants. They might work on a construction site, fabrication shop, modular yard or oil and gas facility. Typically employed in the oil and gas services sector of the oil and gas industry, they usually work away from home, live in a camp and have extended hours.

The kinds of problems Insulators solve at work:

Throughout each work day, Insulators need to picture how to shape insulation to fit around beams or obstructions such as gauges or dials. They must determine which type of insulation to use based on the location, temperature and weather changes of the space. Sometimes these challenges can be difficult due to the strange shapes and unusual sizes that present themselves in an oil and gas facility but Insulators always challenge themselves to find the best solution with the least amount of waste.

Skills used most on the job:

Insulators must have the physical agility to get into nooks and crannies and the ability to strategize on how to reach their target. They also have the foresight to envision and prepare the shape, size and type of insulation materials required for a job. All of this requires a lot of mathematics, attention to detail, planning and construction knowledge.

From small spaces to scaffolding, Insulators will do what it takes to get the insulation in place.

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