Joint Venture Representative Spotlight

Joint Venture Representatives are trusted advisors to the companies they represent. They develop, negotiate and are responsible for formal agreements between partners for operated or non-operated ventures.

What a typical day looks like:

A Joint Venture Representative works closely with people in their company from engineering, field operations, land management, marketing, legal counsel, accounting and auditing to understand what is in the company’s best interests. They also build relationships with representatives from other companies and work hard to find win-win solutions that everyone can agree on. They need to keep up appearances with all parties, but no matter how strong or friendly the relationship is, they’ve done a lot of work beforehand to make their company’s position stronger.

Once an agreement is reached, a Joint Venture Representative also monitors the agreement to make sure that everyone involved is doing what was agreed upon. They know the company’s joint venture contracts inside and out and know who to approach with any questions. This is important because they’re the first to be asked for advice and clarity during a dispute. To reach their informed opinions, they draw on their own experience and talk regularly to professionals like engineers, accountants and Surface Land Professionals.

Employed by oil and gas companies, third-party consultancies, energy utility companies, investment companies and midstream services companies, Joint Venture Representatives most often work out of their offices.

The kinds of problems Joint Venture Representatives solve at work:

Given that Joint Venture Representatives are at the centre of it all, it’s no surprise they excel at conflict resolution. It’s their job to remain as impartial as possible to ensure sure clients are well represented.

Skills used most on the job:

Joint Venture Representatives are lifelong learners who take a particular interest in how different jobs and disciplines work. They’re not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty details of contracts and interpret the information so they can provide sound advice to people within their company. They also need excellent communication and interpersonal skills since they work with so many people in different disciplines and companies.

Joint Venture Representatives are at the heart of any agreement between different companies. They are the glue that holds the partnership together.

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