New project!

PetroLMI is excited to announce the start of a two-year project funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program (SIP). The goal of this project is to develop occupational information and tools to support attracting, retaining and transitioning workers in the energy industry.

As part of the project we plan to enhance the 100 occupation profiles that currently reside in our Career Explorer online planning tool with updated content, as well as create 35 new profiles for some of the emerging occupations in the industry. This project will also expand on PetroLMI’s cross-industry labour market transferability research aimed at helping to address shortages in different sectors of oil and gas. In addition, PetroLMI will be developing interactive learning tools – such as virtual reality – to expose job seekers, students and educators to oil and gas occupations and to assess new workers’ aptitude and suitability for in-demand jobs.

This new two-year project complements the labour market research and tools already underway by PetroLMI – work that has resulted in three research reports in 2018 and which can be found here.

The oil and gas industry is continually changing and evolving to adapt to new technologies, regulations and market prices – and with those changes, occupations shift and/or new roles are created. PetroLMI’s goal is to identify the needs and the gaps in Canada’s oil and gas industry workforce and determine ways to address them.  Over the next two years we hope to increase the use of occupational information by employers to address recruitment and training needs, and to increase occupational awareness among Canada’s job seekers – including students – and educators.

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