Non-Destructive Tester and Inspection Technician Spotlight

Adding force to a piece of equipment until it breaks is a great way to understand its strength, but it’s impractical and expensive. Especially when you’re testing pipelines already buried underground. This creates a need for non-destructive testing. Non-Destructive Testers and Inspection Technicians use a variety of tests, tools and techniques to determine the integrity of an item without causing damage.

What a typical day looks like:

Non-Destructive Testers and Inspection Technicians devise new ways to find problems in systems and perform tests to make sure that equipment, machinery and materials are safe to use on-site. They use advanced technologies, such as ultrasonic tests, radiation detectors, X-rays, strong electromagnetic fields and vibration patterns to look for internal flaws in pieces of metal or concrete.

The testers work closely with equipment operators to locate signs of corrosion, pitting or cracking. For example, they might pour coloured liquids onto the equipment to highlight hairline cracks. Then they interpret the test results and report the findings back to equipment operators and supervisors and make recommendations for repairs, replacements and scheduled maintenance based on their findings.

They work primarily indoors in manufacturing or processing plants, but may also occasionally be needed to work outdoors on work sites. Typically employed in the oil and gas services and pipeline sectors of the oil and gas industry, overtime may be required to complete testing in certain situations, such as during plant shutdowns.

The kinds of problems Non-Destructive Testers and Inspection Technicians solve at work:

These professionals keep everything, and everyone safe, increase production and extend the life cycle of the equipment. They perform a variety of tests to find flaws, potential defects or points of weakness in parts, machines and systems. When they find a flaw, they can flag the need for maintenance, repairs or replacement pieces to be used. They find ways to make sure that everything is meeting the required safety regulations.

Skills used most on the job:

Non-Destructive Testers and Inspection Technicians are methodical and enjoy performing tasks that require precision, analysis and patience. They also keep up to date with constantly changing technology.

Quality is their focus. Safety is their vision. Non-Destructive Testers and Inspection Technicians make sure everything is in tip-top shape and meets all the standards.

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