Not Your Grandpa’s Energy Industry – Career Changes: Nick, Episode 14

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What do a bachelor’s degree in criminology, oil sands control room operations and people skills have in common? They’re all areas of Nick’s life that were transferrable to his new career in cleantech. Join us as we continue our podcast series on career changes and learn more about what helped Nick the most as well as his advice to those making a career pivot.

The Careers in Energy podcast series, “Not Your Grandpa’s Energy Industry” is your source for knowledge about Canada’s energy industry, labour market, careers and more — with a modern twist.

Join host, Carol Howes, to explore today’s energy industry in Canada – what’s changing, what’s coming and how it’s no longer your grandpa’s energy industry. Listen to “Not Your Grandpa’s Energy Industry” wherever you enjoy your podcasts and watch more podcast highlights on

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