Not Your Grandpa’s Energy Industry – Day in the Life: Greg, Episode 4

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Gephysicist Greg on a worksite

In this episode, we examine the integral role the science of the earth plays in oil and gas exploration and production. Find out what it is like to work with the unseen – the world beneath the earth’s surface. See the energy industry through a different lens, the data-driven perspective of a geophysicist. Learn about a day in the life of project manager and geophysicist, Greg Maidment.

Greg likes rocks. A lot. He studies them to learn everything he can about oil and gas reservoirs – he composition, age and location of various types of rock can tell Greg the likelihood of a successful drilling program. Using seismic measurements and data-processing, geophysicists unlock oil and gas underground. Geophysicists contribute to industry in ways other than exploration and production, hear about Greg’s current research which is helping companies learn how to take carbon dioxide out of the air and store it safely underground, reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. Find out which sport Greg excels at, and how one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies supported him on a journey to a national sporting team. 

Watch highlights from Greg’s interview.

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