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We’re seeking the expertise and services of:

  • A research consultant to assist in the review, update and development of occupational research and occupational profiles for its Careers in Oil + Gas website over a period between October 2018 and August 2020.
    • Q: Is the purchase of reference materials a billable expense?
      A: Yes. The purchase of materials must be preapproved but is not part of the consulting budget.
    • Q: The project is scheduled from Oct 2018 to August 2020. Do you have particular milestone dates/deadlines for each phase?
      A: The work plan and milestone dates will be developed with the successful bidder. The first phase will be to update and enhance existing profiles, followed by new profile development and cross-industry transferability research.
    • Q: Do you (or the industry) have specific issues/problems that you are hoping to address through this project?
      A: The objective, through several initiatives including the occupational profile development, is:

      • to better engage stakeholders
      • to help job seekers transition into the oil and gas industry
      • to help employers make sound decisions as they relate to meeting labour force needs and skill development
    • Q: Are there any known issues with the current formats, level of detail in the profiles, etc that we should address through our approach?
      A: The most common request we’ve received is connecting the tool to more jobs, and we will be providing that. Other pieces for consideration are:

      • showcasing technologies/tools used on the job
      • connecting to training opportunities
      • improved career pathing information
    • Q: Should the Proposal include writing, designing and developing the SNAPSHOT pdfs that currently are paired with many of the occupation descriptions? Is that design template something that will be provided by PetroLMI so it’s consistent with previous occupational descriptions?
      A: No, the snapshots will be written under a separate contract.
    • Q: Should the Proposal include responsibility for the French translation or is that something that PetroLMI covers?
      A: PetroLMI will be responsible for translation.
  • A web consultant to assist in ongoing support and development of during periods between October 2018 and August 2020.
    • No questions were submitted.
  • A media production/virtual reality/augmented reality content creator to develop and test interactive, experiential career exposure and pre-employment orientation and training tools between October 2018 and April 2020.
    • Q: Is there an opportunity to negotiate with PetroLMI as it applies to the IP and Copyright requirements described in the RFP?
      A: Yes. This can be negotiated with the successful bidder.
    • Q: With regard to the activity: “Deployment of the video/tool/gaming or other technology in a cost-effective, readily available manner.” Are costs incurred during this activity to be considered a part of the primary RFP value approximation, ($290k) or are they negotiable as part of the Software, Hardware, and Equipment Purchase portion of the RFP?
      A: The successful bidder is meant to keep the deployment in mind for the development of the tool. The cost associated with the actual sharing of the content would be covered under other budgets.
    • Q: How many versions of the experience will be required, and where will they be deployed?
      A: The entire experience(s) are meant to be widely disseminated. The experiences may be shared on the website, through organizations such as Inside Education or ChatterHigh, through trade shows and career fairs and other means as identified through the course of the project.
    • Q: Are they intended to be mobile, or will they be a permanent installation?
      A: They will need to be mobile.
    • Q: Will there be an opportunity to review more detailed Module documentation that describes the proposed learning objectives of each Module prior to the RFP due date?
      A: No, however the successful bidder will be consulted through the development process.
    • Q: How will training be disseminated? Does PetroLMI or ESC have physical equipment on site for AR/VR/Gaming solutions or will the students access with their own hardware?
      A: Dissemination will include sharing resources with Job Bank, presentations, webinars, traditional and social media channels, trade shows, high school visits, career fairs and conferences. PetroLMI has budgeted for the purchase of physical equipment and will be considering options such as the printing of disposable VR goggles or connecting with a training partner for dissemination within high schools.
    • Q: Will we have physical access to all locations? (trucking, off-shore, drilling, pipeline)
      A: Yes, we will need to coordinate with companies to access the locations needed.
    • Q: What is the learner profile? What demographic information does PetroLMI have on their users?
      A: The projects will target potential workers between the ages of 15 and 24 as well as Indigenous Peoples and people transitioning into oil and gas of all ages. PetroLMI has basic analytics for our web visitors and social media followers. Energy Safety Canada also has personas and data on the students completing safety training.
    • Q: What is the expectation of storyboards? Are these visual storyboards or a map of the path through an experience, or another definition of storyboard?
      A: A map of the path through the experience.
    • Q: What is the measure of success for each part of the project; worker understanding, pre-employment competency?
      A: An increased understanding of occupational expectations and industry work settings for potential workers; supporting work-readiness within potential workers, new workers and/or career transitioners; and evaluating the effectiveness of interactive tools in achieving the learning outcomes for PetroLMI.
    • Q: Regarding analytics and measurement, are the experiences going to be used to collect information from users and track that data in a profile, or are they used for self-assessment of aptitude for work in oil and gas services?
      A: A self-assessment for the users, PetroLMI would be interested in collecting data on numbers overall, not specific to each user.
    • Q: Will the experiences be delivered in multiple languages.
      A: Yes, PetroLMI is required to produce everything in English and French.
    • Q: Do you see/want the content being rewritten and presented to a francophone audience?
      A: Yes. We will work with a translator to offer the experiences in both French and English.
    • Q: Is the content creation geographically aligned?  For example, if we need to shoot video/stills is it tied to a specific region like Alberta or can it be an oilfield in SK/BC/MB?
      A: The location would depend on the simulations and occupations selected. However, as long as the work is the same across locations there’s no problem using a Saskatchewan oil rig instead of an Albertan one.
    • Q: Customer service support: what are the terms for this? Length of support offered under the initial budget? Will this be an ongoing commitment?
      A: This can be negotiated with the successful bidder, however basic support for the PetroLMI team to implement the experiences would be expected.
    • Q: Do you have a rough estimate of travel requirements (number of in person meetings required and known destinations)?
      A: This can be negotiated with the successful bidder. We have meetings via Skype or phone regularly.
    • Q: The # of and courseware length are given in the RFP, however do you have specific content examples to help determine the assets required and type of production needed for each scenario?  (i.e. 360 video or complete VR immersion.)  Or are you looking for a more high level direction for each production type that could be used from us (i.e. 2d game/3d game/VR/AR/MR?)
      A: We have intentionally left the specific content open. We know we’re not experts in this area and are looking for this role to lead the direction for what production type would be most effective for our goals.

Each RFP/RFQ is designed to provide detailed information for you to respond specifically to the responsibilities for the project, including scope, objectives, project activities and key responsibilities. Proposals will be accepted from single business entities, or from a consortium of firms. However, if the successful bidder is a consortium of firms or consultants, the lead firm must be identified in the proposal, and PetroLMI will enter into a contract with the lead firm/consultant only.

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