Pipeline Transportation Labourer Spotlight

When it comes to getting pipelines built, Pipeline Transportation Labourers roll up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting. They assist skilled tradespeople by doing jobs required for the preparation, construction and post-construction phases of pipeline projects.

What a typical day looks like:

Pipeline Transportation Labourers provide the heavy lifting required to set up the tools and equipment for the day’s tasks. They dig, handle pipe, move skids and depending on their experience level, inspect pipe and operate machines or vehicles.

While in the field, they do everything from removing rocks and hand-filling trenches to handling the loading of pipe as it is guided through bending equipment. Or, they might work with a foreman, operators and several other helpers to string pipe – laying the massive pieces of pipe across the ground in preparation for welding.

Once the pipe is laid, a Pipeline Welder Helper – a kind of Pipeline Transportation Labourer – works with grinders, beveling machines and torches, spending a lot of time cutting pipe. As they become more experienced, Pipeline Welder Helpers might work in a fabrication shop, interpreting blueprints and bringing them to life using beveling machines, levels and squares.

The kinds of problems Pipeline Transportation Labourers solve at work:

The problems a Pipeline Transportation Labourer have are the same as project’s tradespeople – if something needs doing, extra sets of hands are always helpful. Otherwise, there are a variety of physical challenges: lifting and moving heavy equipment, along with the typical hazards of a construction site. As a result, safety is always top of mind.

Skills used most on the job:

Whatever task they perform, Pipeline Transportation Labourers need the stamina and strength for physical labour in a variety of weather conditions. They also need to be team players with superb vision, depth perception and physical coordination.

Pipeline Transportation Labourers see a lot of variety in their jobs. When a pipeline needs to be built, they are there to make sure the job gets done.

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