The ins and outs of Engineering!

This week, we launched seven new spotlights in the Engineer job family. When you think of an Engineer, what comes to mind? Do you immediately picture someone who loves math and always carries a calculator? Well, that might be the case for some Engineers, but the occupations within oil and gas are much more diverse!

For example, Automation Engineers design the automated systems to monitor, measure and control oil and gas wells; Geological Engineers may recommend the ground support systems, processes and equipment required for safe, economical and environmentally-sound drilling, mining or underground construction activities; and Petroleum Engineers provide specialty expertise in oil and gas drilling and completions, reservoir management and production. Those are just three examples of the Engineering occupations in oil and gas.

In our tool, we focus on the following occupations that make up the Engineer job family:

These spotlights provide a day-in-the-life glance at careers in the oil and gas industry. And, they are print-friendly! Let us know what you think! We value your feedback.

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