The oil and gas worker, version 2.0

Last week, we launched our latest HR Trends and Insights report, Shifting Priorities and a Shifting Workforce. The report looks at the key  business shifts that Canada’s oil and gas industry has witnessed in recent years:  new technologies designed to access harder-to-reach reserves, cost-management strategies intended to simultaneously improve returns and productivity, and, the desire to diversify business into new and expanded markets. Along with these shifts has come the need for new skills and knowledge. The worker today is quite different than the one from a decade or more ago!

For the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring some of these shifts in-depth. And with that…let’s explore our first fact on Canada’s changing oil and gas workforce!

Fact #1: Today’s oil and gas worker needs to be comfortable with technology…and..

  • Have business acumen
  • Be innovative
  • Be able to negotiate successfully
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Be highly skilled at reading, numeracy, communicating and problem solving
  • Plan and execute projects of all sizes
  • Be aware of the regulatory and compliance implications of new and planned operations
  • Understand the cost implications associated with their actions

Want to know more? Read Shifting Priorities and a Shifting Workforce.

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