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Update: Questions and Answers for the RFPs and RFQs are listed below

We’re seeking the expertise and services of:

  • A research and analytical consultant to plan and conduct research, analysis and report writing for our labour market information report projects from February 2018 through to December 2020.
    • No questions submitted.
  • A labour market forecasting/economic consultant to assist in the operations, maintenance and/or enhancement of our labour demand and supply forecasting models beginning March 2018 through to December 2020.
    • Q: In the past, an oil sands headcount survey and public company reports have been used to develop the historical employment in the oil sands sub-sectors (i.e., mining, in-situ and upgrading) as this information is not available via Statistics Canada. Is it expected that the RFP consultant will conduct an oil sands headcount survey, research company financial reports and develop employee estimates for 2016 and 2017 and the three oil sands sub-sectors as part of the stated $140,000 budget?
      If the answer is yes, is there an expectation that this survey will be conducted in both 2018 and 2019?
      The breakdown of occupations used by PetroLMI comes from detailed oil sands headcount survey conducted in 2011 and adjusted in 2015. Can the occupational percentages used in the 2016 report be used to estimate occupational breakdown for historical oil sands employment or is a more detailed survey expected in 2018?
      A: The $140,000 budget includes surveying companies for employment data, when the data is not readily available from credible sources. Given the release of the Census 2016 data on labour, we will require a more detailed 2016 headcount survey, which would include occupational distribution by sub-sector be conducted this year. 2017, 2018 and potentially 2019 headcount surveys, are also planned however are a) optional and b) pursued at the sub-sector levels (aggregate numbers only).
      For 2018, we have budgeted for some model enhancement support to come from a Research and Analytical consultant as well as PetroLMI project staff. Support from PetroLMI project staff and research consultant will continue in 2019 and 2020 however at reduced levels. Kindly note, additional model enhancement budgets could become available and/or partnerships with industry associations for could be pursued to allow for more efficient and shared labour market data collection.
    • Q: Statistics Canada and ARC Energy Research Institute and currently only provide nominal historical and forecasted CAPEX and OPEX by industry sub-sector (i.e., oil sands and non-oil sands E&P) and therefore, not adjusted by inflation or in real dollars). In the last three years, much effort has occurred to facilitate the provision of inflation assumptions from the providers of the drivers. Is it the expectation that the Labour Market Forecasting/Economic consultant will be responsible for either facilitating or developing sector inflation rates as well as converting historical and forecasted data to real dollars as part of the stated $140,000 budget? Or will PetroLMI (or via driver data providers) be responsible to ensure that inflation rates for historical and forecast data and real dollars are provided along with Nominal dollars for CAPEX and OPEX expenditure to the RFP Consultant?
      A: The Labour Market Forecaster/Economic consultant will be responsible for developing or securing deflator rates (or inflation assumptions) and this activity is included in the $140,000 budget. The conversion of expenditure forecasts from nominal to real dollars could either be done by the consultant, PetroLMI or the labour market forecasting model.
      In previous outlook production cycles (2013 and prior), the deflator rates were secured from one of our economic data sources and the cost was quite minimal. This and other more cost-effective yet viable options could be considered going forward.
    • Q: Labour productivity assumptions by sub-sector were previously developed by the Labour Market Forecasting/Economic consultant and validated with industry groups. Will the consultant be responsible for the development and validation of labour productivity assumptions as part of the stated $140,000 budget?
      A: Yes. Please note however that efforts have been made to streamline our outlook validation process with industry and therefore, the validation of labour productivity assumptions will be conducted in conjunction with other input and assumptions for validation.
    • Q: In the last outlook report the pipeline sector is included in the forecast. Is the pipeline sector required to be modeled going forward as part of this project?
      A: Yes.
    • Q: There were three oil sands sub-sectors in PetroLMI last oil sands outlook report. Is it expected these subsectors will continue to be modeled as part of the current RFP?
      A: It is preferred the three oil sands sub-sectors are included however it is not mandatory.
    • Q: In the past, a detailed oil sands report (December 2016) and a national report (March 2017) was produced by PetroLMI and supported by the previous Labour Market Forecasting/Economic consultant(s). Are the two reports expected to continue and is there a requirement for RFP consultant to support both reports? Or will there be only the national outlook report published by PetroLMI?
      A: Our existing funding and contract obligation requires us to produce the national outlook report for two production cycles within the next three years (2018 to 2020). Should PetroLMI secure new funding for additional outlook work within the three-year period, then it is possible for more projects and budget be given to the Labour Market Forecasting/Economic consultant.
      The consultant may choose to offer their services to write the outlook report however PetroLMI typically engages a Research and Analytical consultant to do so (please refer to page 4 of the RFP). As it is an optional activity for the Labour Market Forecasting/Economic consultant, the development of the outlook report is not included in the $140,000 budget.
    • Q: A survey was collected in December requesting feedback on PetroLMI labour market reports can the results or highlights of the feedback be shared?
      A: Unfortunately, the survey results are for internal distribution only.
    • Q: Is validation and best fit optimization of the current forecast model required based on 2016 Census data and 2016 and 2017 LFS Actuals?
      Would it be expected that this validation of forecasts would include and be the responsibility of the consultant for:
      – Employment forecasts and/or employee forecasts by occupation and sector
      – Retirements and deaths*
      – In and out industry migration levels*
      *Alternatively would this be the responsibility of The Centre for Spatial Economics who provide economic and demographic assumptions?
      A: Validation and best fit optimization could be done in 2018 but is not mandatory. As mentioned in the RFP, planning will be conducted between the selected consultant and PetroLMI to determine and prioritize the model enhancements and review process.
    • Q: What is the anticipated PetroLMI and external governance (approvals/consultations required) structure for development of the outlook report?
      A: Following generation and industry validation of the labour market projections and preliminary analysis, the selected Research and Analytical consultant will:
      1) Draft and present to PetroLMI the key findings and analysis, preliminary messages and TOC for review/approval.
      2) Submit draft report for PetroLMI review specifically LMI project team, Communications and Outreach Advisor and Vice President, Communications and PetroLMI. Up to two
      upgrades may be required during this time.
      3) Submit upgraded report to PetroLMI who will then have the report reviewed by external stakeholders which include funder(s), ARC Energy Research Institute and potentially key
      industry associations and Energy Safety Canada executives. Content or messaging requiring significant upgrading will be conducted by PetroLMI however potentially confirmed with the consultant.
  • A web consultant to assist in the design, development and maintenance of web dashboards as well as an interactive labour market forecasting tool during periods between March 2018 and December 2020.
    • Q: Is there a preference by Energy Safety Canada to use a single individual for each requirement or are you open to using a firm that has staff that are capable of satisfying all of the requirements?
      A: There’s no preference for an individual vs a firm, as long as a lead contact is identified.
    • Q: Would you be willing to allow us to submit a response for both the Web Consultant and Graphic Design Consultant in one document? We will answer all questions and satisfy all components of both RFPs but we’d prefer to highlight the answers to your questions in one document.
      A: You definitely can also submit one proposal for both RFPs as long as you’re meeting the requirements of both and not exceeding the page limits.
    • Q: Will this be an Adobe project or is your team open to other technologies?
      A: We’re not tied to Adobe, however, we don’t have the funds to move the entire site, so we’d need to consider how the various pieces could play together.
  • A graphic design consultant to design, layout and produce reports, fact sheets, powerpoint presentations, web graphics and communication collateral for our labour market and career information projects from February 2018 through December 2020.
    • Q: Can you please advise if agencies from other provinces are welcome to bid or if there is a preference for companies in Alberta.
      A: There is no preference for companies in Alberta.

Each RFP/RFQ is designed to provide detailed information for you to respond specifically to the responsibilities for the project, including scope, objectives, project activities and key responsibilities. Proposals will be accepted from single business entities, or from a consortium of firms. However, if the successful bidder is a consortium of firms or consultants, the lead firm must be identified in the proposal, and PetroLMI will enter into a contract with the lead firm/consultant only.

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