Welders Helper Spotlight

Welding fuses metal parts together, which is a vital function when it comes to oil and gas-related construction, operations or maintenance projects. And, where there is welding, you can often find a Welders Helper.

What a typical day looks like:

As the name suggests, a Welders Helper helps a skilled welder in their day-to-day duties. This often means that they are completing intense labour such as supplying or holding heavy materials, setting up pipes, or gathering the correct tools while the welder completes their work. They are also responsible for keeping work areas and equipment clean.

Often, but not always, a Welders Helper is an apprentice welder working towards completing their apprenticeship program. They assist and learn from an experienced welder as they complete welding, brazing and thermal and arc cutting activities. They may also help read blueprints or drawings to determine the specifications for the job at hand and assist in the preparation of material for welding by cutting or grinding using pipe cutters, hammer and chisel, cutting torch and/or grinder.

Welders Helpers work in the full range of environmental conditions: from controlled indoor settings such as shops to remote outdoor sites in variable weather. This may require working away from home, living in a camp, shift work and extended hours.

The kinds of problems Welders Helpers solve at work:

Safety is always top of mind for these labourers. As they work around or with heat and open flames, they make sure to keep the welder and themselves safe at all times. Welders Helpers also need to be able to identify what tools or materials a welder may need next and be prepared to assist as needed.

Skills used most on the job:

Welders Helpers are able to work well on a team, but are also capable of independent problem solving when they encounter problems with materials or tools. They’re skilled with their hands and able to cut metal with precision. They’re also proficient at math and interpreting blueprints.

Every day could look a little different for a Welders Helper. One day, they may be grinding pipe to prepare it for the job ahead, and the next day, they could be reading blueprints and lifting sheet metal. Each day brings a new challenge.

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