Working in Digitization and Automation in Energy

Define Your Career in Digitization and Automation in Energy

Digitization and automation in energy offers an exciting opportunity to develop technology solutions that address cost, efficiency, production and environmental concerns across the energy industry. Technically competent workers with knowledge of oil and gas operations and processes can find a rewarding career in an entrepreneurial-focused work environment.

The Career Change Pathway

Ease of Transition

A career change from oil and gas to digitization and automation in energy has a medium to low rate of transferability. In most jobs, oil and gas workers will need to upskill for a successful transition.

Doing the Research

Before making a career change to a different sector, you should explore and assess your individual skills and experience, evaluate what technical skills may be needed to transition, consider consulting with a career advisor and identify how working in the sector may be different. Characteristics to consider in digitization and automation in energy include:

Skills and Experience
  • Increase knowledge of oil and gas operations and processes
  • Understand regulatory issues and the broader business environment
  • Improve ability to frame technologies as solutions
  • Increase business acumen, proposal-writing, fundraising, marketing, business development, commercialization
  • Increase knowledge of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, machine learning, software development and data science
  • Compensation for jobs in this sector is likely similar to the average oil and gas salary range
  • Opportunity to use new skills in areas of expertise
  • Opportunity to work in urban locations
Work Environment
  • Employers include oil and gas companies and contracted service providers
  • Service providers are often small start-ups
  • Have a less formal organizational structure
  • Have an entrepreneurial focus
  • Flexible approach to work
  • Work collaboratively
  • Employ creative problem-solving

The Future of Employment in Digitization and Automation in Energy

Technology plays a big role in our work and personal lives. It also plays an important role in the oil and gas industry, as companies strive for safe, more efficient and sustainable ways to operate.  

Digitization and automation equipment and processes have been implemented across every aspect of the industry, from drilling and extraction methods, and worker and operations safety, to data collection and analysis used to improve operations, performance and sustainability.

New technologies can help people perform some duties more safely and eliminate some routine tasks. With more efficient processes, there’s more time to leverage skilled workers for higher value tasks such as problem solving and big picture thinking.

Many industries are turning to technology solutions to address cost, efficiency, production and environmental concerns. That means career opportunities are growing in digitization and automation in energy.

Digitization and automation in energy requires a varying degree of digital competencies depending on the job. The good news is, not every role requires the ability to code. 

Need Help Assessing Your Current Level of Digital Competency?

Check out these tools to help you determine your digital skills and how you can apply them to a career in energy.

Calgary UpSkill

Compare skills of five oil and natural gas occupations against those required for some of the industry’s most in-demand technology jobs. 

Digital Skills Accelerator

Review your digital competencies in five key areas to understand which competencies are your strengths and which require improvement.

Self Assessment Tool 

The Digital Competence Wheel

This tool provides an understanding of your current digital competencies as well as insight into how to improve for a new role.

Interested in Working in Digitization and Automation in Energy?

Are you:

  • Technically competent
  • A proactive problem solver
  • Highly collaborative
  • Able to gather and analyze important data
  • Curious about solving sustainability challenges
  • Comfortable working in smaller companies such as start-ups
  • Comfortable with digital technology
  • Interested in an agile, flexible, ever-changing work environment
  • Open to continuous improvement and ongoing learning opportunities
  • Interested in exploring solutions that involve software development, programming, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics

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Day in the Life

Jelayne Lab Technician

Not many chemistry students plan to apply what they learn from their degree to oil and gas, including Jelayne. After moving to Alberta, Jelayne was surprised to learn about the innovation that happens behind the scenes within the industry, and her perception of it completely changed. Today, in her role as a Lab Technician, Jelayne contributes to lowering water usage and improving environmental impacts in operations.

Check out Jelayne’s story and learn more about a typical day as a Lab Technician.

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I’m part of making a change in our industry, which is working toward greater sustainability and being more environmentally responsible.