Canada's Energy Landscape

Canada’s energy industry is evolving and growing its production to meet national and global energy demand, while also pursuing a low-carbon future.

Energy Powers Our World

From heat and electricity to transportation fuel and useful everyday products, our world relies on safe and responsible energy. It touches our modern lives and industries and is vital to Canada’s economy.

Finding energy sources, producing them and transporting them to destinations around the globe is a large, complex and ever-growing system in Canada.

Did you know?

Canada’s energy sector represents approximately 8.1% of the nation’s GDP.

Natural Resources Canada - Energy Fact Book

Canada’s energy portfolio: Balancing growth with sustainability

To continue meeting global energy demand, Canada developed a wide range of energy sectors, prioritizing both economic growth and sustainable and responsible practices.

As the oil and gas sector remains vital to Canada’s energy industry and economy, it is expanding its traditional oil and gas activities with the use of clean technologies, renewable energy sources and environmental practices like carbon capture.

While established energy sectors will continue as a mainstay of new job creation, emerging sectors and technologies such as LNG, biomass-based fuels, and low-carbon hydrogen will also create new opportunities.

Our diverse energy portfolio positions Canada as a leader in developing and implementing technologies for more efficient energy production while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to meet the world’s net-zero goals.

Every sector presents opportunities for experienced, transitioning and new workers to build a meaningful and fulfilling career in Canada’s energy industry.

Did you know?

Canada is home to the world’s third-largest oil reserve, accounting for roughly 10% of global reserves, just behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Canada is also the sixth-largest global natural gas producer.

Canada Energy Regulator

Working in Canada’s energy sectors

Canada’s thriving energy industry is crucial in supporting a healthy Canadian economy and global energy system. Growing energy needs will require skilled workers from various professions and trades, encompassing diverse educational backgrounds.

Many foundational core skills and qualifications required by emerging energy sectors already exist within Canada’s established sectors. This means workers possessing foundational qualifications can leverage their experience gained in one sector for employment opportunities in another.

Be a part of the energy and explore Canada’s energy careers today!