Energy Infrastructure

Workers throughout Canada’s energy infrastructure provide the facilities and means to turn  oil and gas into products that power industries and fulfill daily needs around the world.

Energy Infrastructure: Cornerstones of Canada’s Energy System

Throughout Canada’s energy industry, other key sectors are working to turn Canada’s oil and gas resources into valuable products that meet global demand.

An integrated workforce in Canada’s energy industry

Thousands of products are developed from Canada’s energy resources to meet large-scale, fundamental needs—transportation, power generation, heating, cooling, etc.—as well as provide smaller, daily products like textiles, pharmaceuticals and detergents.

Canada’s energy workforce within these key sectors contributes an invaluable service, providing the facilities and means to turn oil and gas into products that power industries and fulfill daily needs around the world.

Discover the art of refining

Refining is the heartbeat of the energy industry—it turns crude oil into valuable products that power our daily lives. Technological breakthroughs and a commitment to environmental responsibility are reshaping the refining landscape. A career in refining offers the chance to be at the forefront of these changes, contributing to cleaner and more efficient processes.

Refined petroleum products in everyday life

They are not only a vital fuel source for vehicles, power generation, heating and cooling, but also key components in over 6,000 everyday products, from paint brushes and adhesives to medical equipment and footwear.

Building the future with industrial construction

This era of rapid technological advancement and sustainable development has created a surge in demand for skilled professionals in industrial construction. From cutting-edge manufacturing facilities to eco-friendly structures, explore the exciting opportunities within industrial construction, where your skills can contribute to building a sustainable and innovative future.

Emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Canada’s emerging LNG sector is creating new opportunities for the energy industry and its workforce. A recent Conference Board of Canada study shows that if they all go ahead, export terminals on the coast of British Columbia could create about 96,000 cross-sector jobs and more than $6 billion in wages over 40 years.

Did you know?

Canada’s first LNG facility will be the LNG Canada project based in British Columbia, with an annual capacity of 14 million tonnes of LNG in its first phase

Unlocking opportunities in petrochemicals

Petrochemicals play a pivotal role in shaping the modern world, serving as building blocks for several products, from plastics to pharmaceuticals. As the industry changes and demand grows, so does the need for skilled professionals to contribute to the evolution of petrochemical processes. Explore a career that aligns with progress, innovation and a sustainable future.

Careers in Canada’s energy infrastructure

Canada’s energy system requires skilled workers to help meet the world’s energy demands. While established energy sectors like refining will continue providing career opportunities in Canadian energy, emerging sectors and technologies such as LNG will also create new opportunities.

Trained and skilled workers, both new and seasoned, will have the qualifications to grow their careers throughout Canada’s energy infrastructure.

Be a part of the energy and explore Canada’s energy careers today!