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Conventional Drilling

North of Grande Prairie, AB

Conventional rigs require more hands-on workers, but innovation is just as important; from drilling sensors to drilling fluids and monitoring systems, rigs are constantly improving and advancing.

Automated Drilling

South of Grande Prairie, AB

Automated rigs drill more efficiently and are increasingly
safer for workers and the environment. They use 
computerized systems to manage the operations and 
require fewer workers than conventional rigs.

Liquids Pipline

Edmonton, AB

Transmission pipeline systems transport synthetic crude oil, heavy oil and bitumen across provincial, national and international borders to refineries and marketing terminals.


Keral Lake, AB

A typical oil sands mining operation involves the digging for, extraction and processing of bitumen, as well as water recycling and reclamation.

Natural Gas Pipeline

Edson, AB

Natural gas is transported from well sites to processing plants and is distributed through pipeline networks across provincial and international boundaries to homes, businesses and commercial users.

Processing Plant

Caroline, AB

Raw natural gas comes from the well and is transported to a processing plant. Here the gas stream is separated into major marketable products such as natural gas, natural gas liquids, condensate and sulphur.​


Christina Lake, AB

SAGD, or steam assisted gravity drainage, is a specialized drilling process that uses natural gas to heat water into steam, which makes it easier to pump the oil to the surface.

Wellsite Decommissioning

Red Deer, AB

Wellsite decommissioning begins when the production of oil or natural gas is completed. It ensures Canada’s natural resources are developed with the highest environmental standards.