Clean technology, or cleantech, develops and applies technologies to oil and natural gas extraction and refining to reduce water and land use, greenhouse gas emissions and tailings and increase energy efficiency.

Cleantech: Canadian Expertise and Drive for Continual Improvement Towards Even Greater Sustainability

Embracing the potential for emissions reduction

Canada’s commitment to cleantech and innovation is demonstrated with initiatives led by both its government and energy industry, and through partnerships spanning the public and private sectors. Cleantech and innovation play significant roles in shaping Canada’s energy industry by driving advancements in sustainability, efficiency and environmental responsibility. The country’s abundant natural resources, skilled workforce and supportive policies position it to be a global cleantech leader.

Cleantech develops like anything else–starting with an idea. Ideas are shared, invested in and designed, and, over time, plans are realized. As an emerging sector, cleantech relies heavily on innovation and collaboration from a variety of contributors and employers including the oil and gas industry, academia/research institutions, investors, accelerators and governments.

Part of our net-zero future

Cleantech currently plays a vital role in reducing emissions, and as companies and governments set net-zero carbon targets, it will be even more crucial to achieving those goals.

Cleantech in oil and gas

Within Canada’s oil and gas sector, cleantech is evolving at a fast pace as the industry responds to needs for sustainability, emissions reduction and energy evolution. The oil and gas industry has long recognized the importance of adopting clean technologies and innovations to address environmental concerns and remain competitive in the changing energy landscape. Corporate strategies, government policies, market conditions, technological advancements and environmental and market drivers will continue propelling the sector to align with sustainability and emissions reduction goals.

Did you know?

In 2021, there were 168 cleantech projects in various stages of development and/or operation worth over $92 billion.

Natural Resources Canada

Working in cleantech

Canada is a leader in cleantech development, with more than $1 billion of the total $1.4 billion invested annually by Canadian companies coming from the oil and gas industry. (Source: Clean Resource Innovation Network)

The entire energy industry needs cleantech to continue innovating and developing technologies for improved sustainability as Canadian companies and governments strive to reach emissions reduction targets—this symbiotic relationship is a win-win for everyone.

Cleantech plays a vital role in Canada’s oil and gas industry. It balances the world’s energy needs with environmental priorities to decrease carbon emissions, water use and land disturbance.

While Canada aims for net-zero carbon, cleantech is a powerful way to reach this goal. With more environmental innovations emerging, a greater demand for skilled workers to fuel this growing industry will follow.

Day in the Life

Lesley Manager of the Pipe Flow Technology Centre™

Meet Lesley, a cleantech manager providing sustainable environmental solutions to resource industries.

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“It’s also very rewarding. I work with some very smart and talented people, and I enjoy the fact that my work is intellectually stimulating.”