Discover your career path in energy

As Canada’s energy industry evolves, its workers need to evolve with it. Careers in Energy (CIE) helps workers navigate the changing energy landscape with information, resources and tools on the energy industry and its workforce needs.

12 energy career pathway tools

CIE offers tools to understand the knowledge and skills needed for each career across ten sectors in the energy industry. 
Whether you’re considering a career in energy or already have experience, our career pathways can help you to assess your fit in the energy industry.

Each pathway outlines the knowledge, education, skills and personal attributes required at each stage of the career and how these building blocks will help you to transfer your career from one energy sector to another.

Guiding your journey

Our interactive career pathways provide insights into key activities, core skills and abilities crucial for mapping out a successful career in various energy sectors. Explore established sectors such as oil and gas, offshore oil and gas, oil sands, energy services, pipelines and refining as well as emerging sectors like biofuels, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Find your path

We’ve strategically selected 12 key career pathways needed in the energy industry. Ten of these pathways include established occupations and two include emerging occupations, all expected to experience labour shortages. Energy career pathways can help you take the next step in your energy career.

Careers for experienced and new workers

Whether you are new to the energy industry or a mid-career professional, our pathways offer guidance on entry points, learning and development requirements and potential career trajectories.

Every pathway is backed by research and data analyses developed by industry professionals. Our insights are validated to align with real-world demands, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Energy employers—these pathways are for your organization too

The career pathways show you how you can leverage skills of the existing workforce for your needs. They outline how foundational skills new grads and workers possess are valuable for any sector. Upskilling the existing and available workforce is an efficient way to get the skills you need.

Explore career pathways