Technology & Innovation

Canada’s energy industry continues to innovating with the integration of clean technology, digitization and automation, and emissions-reduction technologies like carbon capture and storage.

Technology and Innovation is an Energy Tradition

Foundational technology, equipment, skills and expertise are expanding and being applied in innovative ways throughout Canada’s energy industry—helping to meet the dual mandate of growing production to meet national and global energy demand while simultaneously pursuing a low-carbon future.

Emerging energy sectors with new opportunities

Canada’s energy industry has a history of innovating across its supply chain, inventing and implementing advanced methods and technology.

As new sectors emerge, innovation continues with the integration of cleantech, industry transformation through digitization and automation and emissions-reduction technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS). Every sector presents its own dynamic career opportunities.


Cleantech and innovation in energy

Canada’s oil and natural gas sector is the largest investor in clean technology and innovation as companies continuously improve to meet higher standards for production, particularly those relating to emissions reductions and decreasing land and water use. Canada’s cleantech sector is being driven by an innovative spirit and big ideas—now is the time to share yours.

Did you know?

More than $1 billion of the total $1.4 billion invested in cleantech annually by Canadian companies comes from the oil and gas industry.

Clean Resource Innovation Network

Advancing with digitization and automation

Technology plays an important role in Canada’s energy future. To improve sustainability, operate safely and more efficiently and enhance production, companies are leveraging new methods and technologies, using data to implement big ideas, and giving employees better tools and more technology-forward roles.

Photo courtesy of Carbon Management Canada

Pioneering carbon capture and storage (CCS)

As the world addresses climate challenges, CCS technology is gaining prominence. Industries are seeking skilled individuals to spearhead projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Delve into a world where innovation meets environmental stewardship and consider a career that aligns with the global pursuit of a low-carbon future.

Did you know?

In addition to CCS, CCUS includes carbon capture, utilization, and storage, as some industries are innovating ways to utilize the excess carbon to make useful products like soap and concrete.

Creating a career with technology and innovation

Many qualifications required by Canada’s emerging energy sectors already exist within established sectors. Workers with these foundational skills can leverage experience gained in one sector for employment opportunities in another, presenting a great opportunity for workers to take the next step in transforming their careers. For new workers entering the industry, any training or qualifications they receive translates to opportunities in multiple energy sectors throughout their careers.

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