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August 2023

We gather labour force data from Statistics Canada to compile the industry-specific details outlined below. The labour force for Canada’s oil and gas industry refers to those 15 years of age and over who were employed or unemployed, and available to the labour market, specifically within the following industry sub-sectors: exploration and production (including oil sands), oil and gas services and pipeline transmission.

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Diversity Breakdown – Alberta

Data updated annually. Last updated: January 2022

Indigenous Peoples

The energy sector in Alberta is a significant employer of Indigenous Peoples, including First Nations, Metis and Inuit. Indigenous Peoples participate in natural resource development on traditional indigenous territories, through business partnerships and through indigenous-owned organizations operating in the energy sector. Indigenous Peoples offer an important and growing labour supply to the energy industry.

Indigenous Share of Labour Force in Alberta

  • Oil and Gas
  • All Industries


Women have historically represented less than one-quarter of the energy labour force despite comprising nearly half of Alberta’s total labour force, but which is in line with some other trade-intensive industries such as construction and manufacturing. There has been little change in gender representation in both the Alberta labour force and the energy labour force since 2006.  A higher percentage of women tend to work in exploration and production and pipelines sectors compared with the energy services sector.

Women’s Share of Labour Force in Alberta

  • Oil and Gas
  • All Industries


Immigrants and non-permanent residents represent a larger share of the total Alberta labour force than energy but the gap has been closing. Often they have higher educational qualifications than the overall labour force and bring international experience and a new perspective to their employer. Immigrants and non-permanent residents participate in the oil and gas labour force at rates similar to other trade-intensive industries.

Immigrant Share of Labour Force in Alberta

  • Oil and Gas
  • All Industries

Youth (Age 15-24)

Since 2016, youth have represented approximately 5-6% of Alberta’s energy labour force. As age-related attrition accelerates a labour supply gap, attracting, re-engaging and training an available pool of young workers will be key. These younger workers are more technologically savvy and adaptable, and will require upskilling and knowledge to help replace the loss of experience.

Youth Share of Labour Force in Alberta

  • Oil and Gas
  • All Industries
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