Energy Types

With its diverse energy portfolio, Canada is in an excellent position to help meet growing global energy demand and lead the way towards a responsible, low-carbon energy future.

Multiple Energy Types are Powering Canada’s Energy Industry

Canada’s rich history of change and evolution along with advanced equipment and technology and the experience and knowledge of its diverse workforce provides multiple energy sources.

Explore different energy types and career opportunities

Canada’s established oil and gas industry remains critical to the country’s energy system and economic well-being. At the same time, new energy types continue to evolve in alignment with the world’s net-zero goals. Within this diverse energy portfolio, each sector offers its own dynamic career opportunities.

Oil and natural gas and you

Oil and natural gas companies are using more technology to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability and a skilled workforce is vital to keep the industry moving forward. Whether it’s advancing oil drilling with new methods or increasing natural gas exports to other countries to replace coal, your career and your future can grow as well.

Did you know?

Canada produces huge amounts of energy for domestic use and export

The amount of energy Canada produces in a single year could power Calgary’s electricity use for the next 1,150 years or keep the Montreal Metro system running for about 60,000 years!

Statistics Canada

Biofuels bringing sustainable solutions

Derived from renewable sources such as plants and organic waste, biofuels offer a cleaner and greener option for powering transportation and industries—creating exciting opportunities for individuals with a passion for environmental sustainability. Explore the world of biofuels, where your expertise can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy landscape.

Renewables on the rise

In 2018, more than two-thirds of Canada’s electricity was generated through renewable energy. Interest in renewable energy is growing, from hydroelectricity and solar to wind power and geothermal—and as it continues increasing, new career opportunities will power up with it.


Did you know?

Renewable energy production, excluding hydropower, is set to see significant growth by 2040.

60% of Canada’s electricity is currently powered by hydro, while other renewable sources like wind and solar now meet approximately 7% percent of the country’s electricity demand.

By the Numbers - Canadian Renewable Energy Association

Embracing the power of hydrogen

As industries around the world shift to greener solutions, hydrogen is gaining traction as a key player in the mix. Careers in hydrogen technology offer a chance to be part of something transformative—contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy future. Immerse yourself in the world of hydrogen and envision a career that fuels progress with every molecule.

Working in different Canadian energy types

Canada’s energy industry is becoming increasingly integrated and so is its workforce. Foundational skills are still relevant, both to the established oil and gas sector as well as other growing energy types. Both experienced and new workers have the opportunity to build careers with cross-sector opportunities in Canada’s energy system.

Be a part of the energy and explore Canada’s energy careers today!