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  • NOCs #2132, #0714

Maintenance/Reliability Engineer

Job Overview

Maintenance engineers are part scientist, part mathematician and part detective. They use their specific set of skills to make sure that all of the equipment and machinery used in the energy industry is working properly at all times. Their role covers everything from making sure the correct equipment and parts are purchased to overseeing the installation, operation, and maintenance of the machinery.

The successful operation of energy production requires the reliable working of large numbers of equipment, machinery, systems and infrastructure. Maintenance/reliability engineers play a key role in supporting safe operations and ensuring the integrity of assets by ensuring that machinery and equipment run smoothly and reliably. They are responsible for overseeing the evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance of machinery, equipment, mechanical systems and infrastructures. A primary objective is to always seek operational efficiency while safely meeting production requirements.

Maintenance/reliability engineers typically work within larger teams. They may lead and oversee work done by the maintenance/asset integrity departments or specialize in areas such as maintenance turn arounds, pipelines or processing facilities.

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