Business and Operations Analyst Spotlight

Business and Operations Analysts are company problem solvers and codebreakers. They are presented with complex internal issues and they use mathematical models and statistical analysis to calculate risk and find solutions.

What a typical day looks like:

Business and Operations Analysts are brought in when their company has an operational problem. These can range from cost and staffing issues to supply chain and production concerns. Their main duties include gathering data, developing solutions and identifying efficiencies within the many complex systems and processes used in the oil and gas industry.

They start by collecting information from employees and stakeholders to learn about potential concerns and ultimately identifying the source of the issue. They look at the current structure, operations and managerial methods that could be affecting the problem at hand. Then, they use software programs for statistical modelling and data analysis to look for trends and potential solutions. During this research phase, Business and Operations Analysts often forecast the results of multiple solutions before determining the most effective option.

They write detailed reports based on their findings and communicate their recommendations, in writing and through presentations, to upper management. They may also be responsible for enterprise-wide analysis that impacts the broader organization.

They often assist with implementing these solutions and monitoring their results, too.

The kinds of problems do Business and Operations Analysts solve at work:

Business and Operations Analysts solve problems all day. They are presented with complex operational issues within their company. They then define, measure and analyze the problem before coming up with one or several solutions. They then meet with decision-makers to provide an overview of the most efficient or optimized solutions.

Skills used most on the job:

Business and Operations Analysts are analytical and logical problem solvers. They also have strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. They are excellent researchers.

Business and Operations Analysts work closely with various business units and decision makers to then analyze and evaluate the current state of a process and identify solutions that drive efficiency and optimize performance.

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