Cementing Operator Spotlight

Cement is a key part of any drilling operation and Cement Operators have a mastery of cementing well casings. Their goal is to achieve a perfect state of flat line on density or rather, cementing perfection. They ensure the pressure and density are consistent – it can’t be too light or too heavy. While they are on the job, the cement enters the wellbore in a perfectly consistent state.

What a typical day looks like:

Every cement job is different, so a Cementing Operator will start the day gathering information about geologic formations, and ground and weather conditions. These factors all impact their work because cement properties, such as setting speed, will need to change based on these variables.

They watch to make sure the bulker isn’t pushing cement powder too quickly or too slowly, or that the pumper isn’t allowing too much or too little water in the pump. They constantly monitor the cement using a computer to make sure it is the perfect weight and ratio of powder and water. They are also in charge of communicating with the pump operator, bulker and rig crew to monitor conditions like pressure, speed and the presence of leaks.

Cementing Operators often work long shifts where they complete physically demanding tasks and work in a variety of weather conditions. They also have a strong sense of safety when near moving mechanical parts and chemicals or working on scaffolding in higher places.

The kinds of problems Cementing Operators solve at work:

Well conditions can change on a moment’s notice and cement can be tricky. Cementing Operators may need to make critical troubleshooting decisions that could have significant cost impacts. This could involve calculating the quantity of cement used, or the additives required to mix with the cement to make it stable for the new conditions.

Skills used most on the job:

Cementing Operators are focused. They need that focus to be able to make decisions, complete mathematical calculations and select the right equipment for the job. Their math skills are important. They perform calculations to determine the amount of cement mix and additives required, the quantity of cement used and changes during the operation.

Despite a flurry of activities and loud rumble of the cement pump and bulk truck, Cementing Operators can stay focused. They provide a steady attitude, a steady flow of information throughout the team and a steady flow of cement into the wellbore.

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