Completions Superintendent Spotlight

Completions, in the context of petroleum production, occurs after drilling and is the process by which a well is enabled to produce oil or gas. Completions Superintendents plan, coordinate and supervise the completions of oil and gas wells or workover and abandonment programs and activities.

What a typical day looks like:

After the drilling crew has drilled an oil or gas well to the required depth, the completions team steps in to turn it into a producing well or conducts a workover or abandonment. The Completions Superintendent supervises as the completions team cases, cements, perforates and performs the necessary tasks to get the job done.

Completions Superintendents use research, technical knowledge and field experience to keep large, complex systems running smoothly. They work closely with the drilling, operations and logistics teams to create a budget, a detailed schedule and a plan that outlines the best equipment, process and staff needed. Then they implement that plan by finding suppliers and providing cost estimates for each piece of the puzzle. They look at ways to make the completions process efficient, cost effective and safe.

Completions Superintendents work in safety-sensitive areas and often on tight deadlines, so safety is always top of mind. They know the procedures and safety guidelines required by the company, government regulators and the service companies involved. They also make sure their team members have the proper safety training and that everything meets or exceeds the safety and environmental requirements.

During completions and abandonment work, they are prepared for extreme weather. Typically employed in the exploration and production (E&P), oil sands and the oil and gas services sectors of the oil and gas industry, they may be required to be away from home, live in a camp and work shifts, weekends or extended hours.

The kinds of problems Completions Superintendents solve at work:

Completions Superintendents are troubleshooters who can fix problems as they arise. When things don’t go according to the plan or necessary equipment doesn’t show up on time, Completions Superintendents are able to adjust the schedule, make decisions and re-prioritize projects as needed. They are prepared for the unexpected and able to keep the project on course.

Skills used most on the job:

Completions Superintendents are excellent planners and natural leaders who pride themselves on their ability to work efficiently and stay organized. They also have strong communication skills and work well with a variety of people. As a Completions Superintendent gains more experience, they also manage financial, material and staffing resources for large projects.

Drilling oil and gas wells are ultimately the heart of the oil and gas industry. Completions Superintendents act as a bridge between drilling and operations. They are key to enabling the wells to produce.

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