Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operators Spotlight

Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operators are literally the power behind the high pressure pumping processes and fluids required to push oil and gas out of rock formations and up through the well, which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

What a typical day looks like:

Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operators use heavy-duty equipment that pumps chemicals, water, sand or other products into a rock formation to crack it and release the oil or gas. A typical fracking process can require anywhere from 2 to 24 pumps. Using a high-tech control panel, these operators make sure that each pump is a consistent pressure and revolutions per minute (RPM) rate to get the best performance.

Their work begins with pre-trip inspections and checklists to ensure the team has all the tools and equipment required for the pumping unit once they arrive at the well site. They set up on location, rig up the pump and maintain and operate it. Through all these tasks, their safety training allows them to navigate any potential hazards including exposure to moving mechanical parts, electrical shock, explosives or chemicals.

Acidizing Pump Operators have additional specialized knowledge – they pump acid into a rock formation to increase its permeability. Acids can also be used to remove scaling that otherwise prevents oil and gas from flowing into a well. Acidizing Pump Operators often conduct a series of acid compatibility tests to check for iron, acid strength and sludge.

With either role, they work mainly outside, in all weather conditions and in remote locations. Typically employed in the oil and gas services sector of the oil and gas industry, they are required to do some strenuous work.

The kinds of problems Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operators solve at work:

During a job, these operators are consistently monitoring gauges to make sure that the proper density, pressure and RPM rates are used for each pump. If things aren’t going according to plan, they will recalculate and readjust the equipment as needed.

Skills used most on the job:

Fracking and Acidizing Pump Operators have an advanced mechanical aptitude and strong sense of public safety and security. They also have the experience to know how to properly select, maintain and monitor equipment to make sure everything is working properly.

These operators are at the heart of making sure that each pump of a fracking operation is used safely and efficiently. Thanks to their knowledge and keen eye on the monitors, everyone on site can go home safe after a good day’s work.

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