Mechanical Technician Spotlight

Mechanical Technicians work with the big toys – the towering machines and tools of the oil and gas trade: pumps, tanks, vessels, shakers, filters, screens, centrifuges, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, generators, loaders, materials handling equipment and more. They inspect, maintain, troubleshoot and repair mechanical systems used in the oil and gas industry.

What a typical day looks like:

Mechanical Technicians tinker. They turn valves, read dials and test temperatures. They inspect and maintain. They troubleshoot. They repair. They overhaul. They could be working on a compressor or catalytic convertor, or equipment used for drilling a well, or in a refinery, or a power generation or power conversion plant or a manufacturing plant.

These technicians handle all aspects of mechanical systems in the oil and gas industry. This means that, one day, a Mechanical Technician might install or position machines and equipment; the next, they might set up and conduct tests to investigate proposals for improving equipment performance. They may also be involved in the design and development of machines, machine components and tools or in the maintenance and repair of existing machines.

Typically employed in the oil and gas services sectors of the oil and gas industry, Mechanical Technicians work in a shop environment but often travel to remote locations to do repairs. Depending on the work, they often work very closely with engineers. This occupation requires some shift work and you may stand for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects.

The kinds of problems Mechanical Technicians solve at work:

Mechanical Technicians have a thorough knowledge of mechanical systems and are able to quickly troubleshoot problems. If something isn’t functioning properly, they adjust, service, repair, test and do whatever is necessary to make it function like a well-oiled machine!

Skills used most on the job:

Mechanical Technicians are often handy. They have a thorough knowledge of mechanical systems, can quickly troubleshoot problems and have skills and knowledge that help them install, maintain and repair a variety of machines and equipment.

Mechanical Technicians are masters of moving parts. They keep machines working safely and properly so that workers on site can continue to do their jobs.

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