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Lise Warawa never imagined herself working in the oil and gas industry. In fact, you may be surprised by her background and path to becoming a Community and Indigenous Affairs Advisor for Cenovus Energy. In this episode, you’ll also find out what surprised her (in a positive way) about the energy industry.

Lise delves into the role of community relations, explains how it involves so much more than cutting cheques and attending events, and shares some of her adventures (and misadventures) on the job.

While she is based out of a relatively quiet rural area, her role is NEVER boring! Her days could consist of talking with a trapper about Cenovus’s seismic program, preparing a presentation for a meeting, hosting an open house, travelling to an Indigenous community to engage and consult with them on an upcoming project, and arranging for linens from one of their camp sites to be donated to a community group. It’s never the same day twice!

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